Today's top picks for free photo editing software

Today's technology features high-resolution cameras with countless filters, features and even lens attachments for your phone, but for many, that is where the photos live- on the technology. Regardless of your budget, there is something out there for everyone to create and print stunning photos. Check out the following free photo editors and start transferring your photos from your technology memory to actual memories to share on social media, create photo books, or simply print prints and enlargements.

1. GIMP- While many won't argue that Adobe Photoshop is THE best photo editing software on the market, it's expensive and unfortunately many just can't afford it. Enter GIMP. It has been called a comparable rival to Adobe Photoshop. Many actually say it has the look and feel of Photoshop without the hefty price tag or sharp learning curve. GIMP is a desktop application that, when opened, displays the image alongside various toolbox editing options to give your photo a unique and creative flair. It is currently available for MAC and PC.

2. PhotoScape- PhotoScape comes with plenty of image editing options, but in addition, it allows users to create gifs and slide shows, while also providing its users the ability to combine and split images. While PhotoScape is a free download, it is part of the Open Candy Network and will serve advertisements for other recommended software. It is not nearly as extensive as Photoshop, offering fewer editing features, but for a free software, it packs plenty of punch and provides more than adequate artistic flair through the use of filters and other editing tools. In addition, it is also considered one of the easiest programs to navigate for beginners.

3. Fotor- Fotor provides a simple platform to create stunning photos through the use of filters, along with the ability to add your own curves. This is a perfect software option for those who have accumulated a wealth of pictures and want a one-click option to make them look great and put to use almost immediately. This is made possible with the easy-to-use batch photo editing tool that allows you take masses of pictures, apply a single click and have them all transformed at once.

4. Paint.Net- This undergraduate project, originally overseen by Microsoft continues to be updated by alumni of that program. It's original intent was to be a free replacement for Microsoft Paint, but today, its functionality exceeds that of Microsoft Paint with more features and advanced tools.

5. Pixir- Pixir has been compared most often to Photoshop in terms of appearance and functionality. In addition, it has the added benefit of being available for your computer as well as mobile. Pixir is available to use immediately in the browser of your choice without any download necessary.

The best thing about free software is just that- They are FREE! So, play around with a few or all and decide which provide the options that create the stunning masterpieces for you and your family! Choose from very basic editors, to batch processors and advanced filters and editing tools. You'll likely find your favorite "go-to", but don't be afraid to experiment with the many different options available....for FREE! And here is a bonus image tool - JPG to PDF. Use this for converting your JPGs to a PDF file.

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